2023 RMC US Trophy Final – New Castle Motorsports Park – Thursday Report


Thursday marked the first day of on-track action at the 2023 Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) US Trophy Final at the ultra-fast New Castle Motorsports Park (NCMP).

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Photos by: RTD Media

From Around the Paddock
Thursday marked the first day of on-track action at the 2023 Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) US Trophy Final at the ultra-fast New Castle Motorsports Park (NCMP). With a day reserved for practice, teams and competitors were able to run through five rounds of practice before the day concluded with the event driver’s meeting. As drivers familiarize themselves with the facility on Thursday, Friday will see an additional six rounds of practice for each class as Rotax competitors look toward the ever-important qualifying sessions on Saturday morning that will set the grid for heat race action. With berths to the RMC Grand Finals in Bahrain on the line, three wheel-to-wheel heat races Saturday will set the grid for Sunday morning's prefinals before RMC US Trophy Final Champions are crowned and Grand Finals tickets are awarded that afternoon.

Entry Numbers
More than 100 competitors will see action this weekend including more than 30 in the talent-filled Senior MAX category. Leading the entry list are names such as Ryan Norberg, Diego Ramos, Oliver Hodgson, Macy Williams, and Frankie Mossman in Senior MAX, while Turner Brown, Diego Ardiles, and others will battle wheel-to-wheel in Junior MAX. With the more than 100 competitors representing eight different countries, the US Trophy Final will see many competitors from the USA while Canada, Brazil, China, New Zealand, and Great Britain will also have representation.

Representing the team side of the program, Rolison Performance Group, Ruthless Karting, Speed Concepts Racing, AM Racing, Mike Doty Racing, Jay Howard Driver Development, Supertune and more flooded the paddock with several privateer competitors battling some of the biggest teams in North American karting.

Grand Finals Tickets and Awards
With a total of 12 Grand Finals tickets on the line, six are open tickets that can be earned by any driver throughout the paddock while six additional tickets are reserved for Rotax competitors that competed in either the East or West Trophy Final races. While unofficial practice was the only item on the schedule for today, teams and competitors will fine-tune their equipment tomorrow as they work toward obtaining Grand Finals tickets on Sunday.

1st - USA Ticket
2nd - $1000 Rotax Voucher
3rd - $750 Rotax Voucher

1st - Open Ticket
2nd - Open Ticket
3rd - Reserved Ticket

1st - Open Ticket
2nd - Reserved Ticket
3rd - $1000 Rotax Voucher

1st - Open Ticket
2nd - Reserved Ticket
3rd - Open Ticket (DD2)
4th - Reserved Ticket (DD2)

1st - Open Ticket
2nd - Reserved Ticket
3rd - $1000 Rotax Voucher

Live Stream
Kart Chaser is back at the New Castle Motorsports this weekend and will provide video coverage trackside. With Live Stream coverage available on the Kart Chaser YouTube channel, US Trophy Final followers can also visit eKartingNews.com for trackside coverage and RaceRotax.com for event information. Kart Chaser will livestream qualifying, heat races, and the prefinals for free with main events reserved for Kart Chaser YouTube Premium Subscribers.

Exclusive Offers
Competing in the US Trophy Final has its perks! J3 Competition has stepped up to the plate and announced an incredible offer for US Trophy Final participants. Competitors on track this weekend can receive up to $600 off a new Rotax engine purchase. This offer is valid through October 31, 2023, as a thank you for their participation in the RMC US Trophy Final.

The Rest of the Weekend
Friday will mark another complete day of practice with transponders required for the afternoon as competitors will officially begin to see where they stack up to their competition. Saturday will be reserved for qualifying and heats one, two, and three for all classes with Sunday being the home of both the prefinals and main events for all classes. For more information and the event schedule, please visit www.RaceRotax.com.

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