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Rotax Trophy West - FEBRUARY 23-25 - PKRA Glendale, AZ

RMC Grand Finals

Bahrain International Karting Circuit - December 2-9, 2023


Engines, MOJO Tires, XPS, and more

With a global presence, the Rotax platform has become one of the most recognizable brands around the world. In North America, Rotax reached a new height prior to 2020 and now, just a few years later, the brand is set to repeat their success. With two valued partners in J3 Competition and RTX Karting USA, Rotax will offer strategically placed events throughout the country.

Rotax US Partner Map

Two Valuable Rotax Partners in the United States


RTX USA GROUP is the Official USA Rotax Karting Distributor for the Southern United States

J3 Competition

J3 Competition is the Official USA Rotax Karting Distributor for the Northern United States

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Rotax MAX Challenge
RMC Grand Finals