RTX Karting Deal Profile: Scuderia Buell

24 03 27 Scuderia Buell

In an effort to strengthen the Rotax market throughout Northern Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, Scuderia Buell has quickly become a main puzzle piece to RTX Karting’s dealer network in the Southern United States. Located in Port Orange, Florida near the famed Daytona International Speedway, Scuderia Buell is not only focused on the sales and service of the Rotax program in their area but supporting Rotax as a whole to grow the brand and the sport of karting.

“We are very committed to the growth of Rotax in the United States and are not your typical dealer or service center,” explained Scuderia Buell’s Pablo Benites. “We are working with other local dealers to strengthen local markets, strengthen local and regional level club programs, series, and events, as well as work with other dealers to expand the footprint of Rotax in our geographical area.”

The goal is Scuderia Buell is to help grow the sport of karting from the bottom up. Focused on bringing new drivers onto the sport and getting involved in karting, the growing company provides highly experienced and knowledgeable people to promote the fundamentals of karting, race craft, and safety. Offering a variety of team building programs and corporate events as well as a competitive race program for all skill levels, Scuderia Buell has built an internal ladder from karts to cars to help all drivers of any skill set.

“We are working very closely with Pablo and his Scuderia Buell team to strengthen the brand,” explained RTX Karting’s Julieta Fernandez. “Pablo is also working with fellow Rotax dealer, DPC Karting from the Atlanta, Georgia region, to bring an exclusive Rotax event to the area in 2024 as well as some Rotax promotional days at local tracks. Pablo is working hard to not only grow the business, but he is an avid promoter of Rotax and a great person for the brand.”

Offering Rotax sales and service as well as chassis sales, a race team program, karts to cars platform, and more, Scuderia Buell is your one-stop shop for everything karting!

For more information on Scuderia Buell, please contact Pablo Benites at 786.557.7268 or via email to Team@ScuderiaBuell.com. To find them online, visit www.ScuderiaBuell.com.

For additional information or to inquire on how to be part of the Rotax dealer network for the southern half of the United States, please contact RTX Karting’s Julieta Fernandez via email to info@rtxkarting.com or by phone at 1-305-744-6097.

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